wedding photographer Hampshire

So a little about me...

I’ve always been a creative person and have always had a natural flair for art and design. When I was younger, I was always painting and drawing, trying to capture life’s most beautiful moments.

Back in 2014, my sister gave me an old DSLR camera and I was hooked. I loved using all the skills I had learnt in creating art, such as, understanding composition and light, and applying them to my photography. Then, I decided to turn my hobby into my dream job.

​So here I am! I LOVE my job and all the aspects of it. From meeting and sharing the journey with lovely couples to editing images that have captured the uniqueness of someones day.

I think it’s hugely important that we know each other before the big day, so that I can create shots that truly reflect YOU. I am always available to meet up for a coffee (or a glass of wine) to discuss your wedding plans in person.

If you would like to get in touch, please send me an email or better yet give me a call.

Emily x

wedding photographer Hampshire

Things I LOVE!

*Travelling. I still have many places mapped to explore
* My amazing, full of life, energetic family
* My camera :)
*Boogie boarding and long summer days spent on the beach.
* A decent glass of red wine- yes I'm a wine snob!
* Good coffee, you can't beat a flat white
* Long country walks with my family. The kind of walks where we put our wellies on and get covered in mud are the best!
*Forests. I have a weird thing about the light shining through trees- love it!
* Snuggling up by the fire during the winter
* Autumn! This is my favourite time of year. I just LOVE the light and autumn colours
*FOOD! I'm such a foodie- country pubs with decent homemade food always wins

About you

One of the biggest parts of my job I LOVE, has been meeting all the lovely couples. It's been so nice capturing all the love, laughter and tears of their special day and moments that have been important to them.

I mainly capture your day in a documentary and natural way, BUT, I would always suggest that you allocate some time to have some of the more formal shots. These can be family, group, and couple shots. These always keep the family happy and are a nice chance for you to take a few minutes out to have a cuddle and chat.

I think it's hugely important for you to feel happy with your chosen photographer, so I would always suggest looking through my latest work/blog and if you like what you see then scheduling in a chat before booking. That way you can feel happy you have found the right fit for your style :)

If you would like to chat, I would love to hear from you.

Lets chat!