Emily Black photography

I’m not here just to take your photos! 

 I really want to get to know you, so we can have a laugh together and make beautiful photos together that reflect you two as you two!

I’m here to support you, I’ve been to quite a few weddings now, and have met a bunch of lovely wedding industry people, I can share this knowledge with you, offer you recommendations, suggestions – anything to make the process for you as fun as possible!

I want your wedding photography to be a happy experience and it will never feel like a posed long drawn out session. Let’s keep it real, let’s capture you for you!

So if you have questions, I have them covered & if there’s one that pops up that’s not on here, please drop a message.


“Wow – what can I say about Emily. She shot our January 2019 wedding, and booking her was one of the best decisions we made. She didn’t miss a single moment, and her images were beautiful, natural and captured the day to perfection.” Rosie & Craig

The important questions... VIEW MORE
So how much?
Every wedding is different, and I have different rates for elopements, destination weddings, so please get in touch!

As a guide, UK weddings start at £1,750
But I cringe at the thought of having my photo taken!
Don't worry, I've got you! I won't make you do anything too posed, or whisk you away for hours. We will keep it real and FUN! You can chat, cuddle and do what ever the heck you like! Trust me, you will be wanting a bit of time to just catch up and cuddle!
Do you travel?
Sure! In fact, hardly any of my weddings are local to me and all UK travel is included in my price.
If you are having a destination wedding, then please do get in touch for my pricing.
Do you use a second photographer?
I work on my own, but if you have over 90 guests I strongly suggest you have a second photographer. I work with a lovely pool of people who are professional photographers, at an additional cost I can sort one out :)
Do we have to feed you?
Yes please, I'm on my feet all day and get very hungry, so a meal would be very much appreciated :)
How will I receive my images?
I deliver my images on an online gallery, with some polaroids to take away on the day and a slideshow a few weeks later. Oh and did I mention a few GiFs?
What are GIFs and are they an additional cost?
GIFs are moving frames and just bring your galleries to life! They're a reminder of the weather, like leaves blowing, moving light patches, your aunty doing a happy dance! AND they are included in your galleries at no extra cost!
How many images will I receive and how long will it take?
I try not to put a number on it, as each wedding varies, depending on how many locations are involved, if you've had a second shooter, and the number of guests. As a guide I say at least 50 images per hour.
My turn around time is 6-8 weeks.
Do we need to provide you with a shot list?
NO, I don't work off shot lists, as I want to focus on natural moments that happen and feel if I get caught up on making sure I get every detailed shot, I've likely missed a beautiful moment.
Will you take traditional shots?
I like to do things a little differently, I will of course get your family posed shots, but I do suggest keeping these to a minimum!
It's not going to be hours of posed couple photos asking you to place yourselves in an awkward position that just isn't you!
Do you provide RAW unedited images?
Nope! For a start you will need special software to open them up and 50% of the magic happens in my editing e.g. like Gif making.
What equipment do you use?
I shoot with two Sony A7iii
Fuji Instax (instant film)
Will you help us with wedding related stuff?
Of course. Anything you need advice on, or recommend suppliers I can help you. I've been there and have picked up so much advice I can pass on to you guys :)

Are you ready to create your time machine? Let’s do this together!!!

Emily Black photography