Oh my goodness! Seriously, what is going on with this weather?! March and snow again! Not that I’m complaining, as we haven’t had snow in Winchester for over 3 years, BUT, I would really like to see some sort of sign spring is on its way.

What’s great about taking some time off to be on maternity leave, is really focussing on spending time with the people that matter to me the most and that’s my gorgeous little family (well there’s 6 of us now, so not quite so small!).

Lainston House is one of my favourite locations in Winchester. I have been lucky enough to shoot there before at a wedding whilst training, and have done a couple of family shoots here too!

How I would explain this location is it’s like a chocolate box full of variety.

There’s the beautiful old chapel ruin, which is a great place to get beautiful couple shots, or family photos.

They have the bandstand, a woodland and this lovely winding roads and paths to take beautiful shots.

Plus this super classy venue do the best afternoon tea 🙂

Anyway, back to the snow. Lainston house is a 3 minute drive from where we live, so we thought this might be a super cool place to get some interesting snow pictures and take our sledge.

Unfortunately the kids weren’t quite up to it, I think we had hit grumpy hour! We did have fun trying to spot fairies and exploring the ever charming grounds that the beautiful Lainston House has to offer.

The best way to round up a snowy walk is to throw a few snowballs and step inside Lainston House to be greeted by a roaring fire. As soon as you step in, it has that British elegant country home kind of feel, but on a very grand level. And of course we ended up with hot chocolates- it would be rude not to!


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